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Wall panel from the 2013 New York School of Interior Design exhibit "Designing the Luxury Hotel: Neal Prince and the Inter-Continental Brand."

The Willard Inter-Continental has a long and storied history, dating back to 1816 when a row of…

DC_Willard_ Main Lobby Coffered Ceiling 001.jpg
Neal Prince and his department at InterContinental worked in close consultation with hired designer Sarah Tomerlin Lee to meticulously research the original condition of the hotel, salvaging pieces of original woodwork and plaster to create molds…

DC_Willard_Ballroom 001.jpg
The Willard Grand Ballroom spans 4736 square feet. Scraps of fabric from the original furnishings were used to fabricate plush Victorian reproductions for rooms and seating areas.

DC_Willard_Bull's Eye Window 001.jpg
Balconies and bulls-eye windows were reconstructed to capitalize on the hotel’s arresting views.

DC_Willard_The Nest 001.jpg
"The Nest" is located on the mezzanine level, just above the Round Robin Bar and adjacent to the Willard Room Bar (and overlooks Pennsylvania Avenue). It is intended for small, intimate events, or as a pairing for the Willard Room or other banquet…

DC_Willard_ Early Drawing Of Willard Hotel 001.jpg
An 1853 engraving depicting President Franklin Pierce leaving the Willard Hotel.

In 1820, Joshua Tennyson leased the property at Pennsylvania Avenue and Fourteenth Street from Captain John Tayloe to run a hotel just a few blocks from the White…

DC_Willard_Ballroom in Ruins 001.jpg
View of the Willard's Grand Ballroom before the renovation took place. There are over 7,000 square feet of marble floors on the ground level of the hotel. Over one and a half million ¾ inch square pieces were refitted, some lifted out, cleaned and…
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