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Geneva Francaise1.jpg
Hotel Intercontinental Genève lobby, showing the escalators leading to the front desk of the hotel.

Materials: white marble.

Architecture by Addor & Julliard.

Interiors designed by Neal Prince.

Geneva Francaise4.jpg
For the Hotel Intercontinental Genève, under the leadership of Prince, the Department of Interior and Graphic Design would create some of his most dramatic interiors. Conscious of the international dignitaries who would make up the clientele, they…

Geneva Francaise5.jpg
Architecture by by Georges Addor and Domenica Julliard.

Interiors designed by Neal Prince.

Geneva_Hotel_Aerial View 001.jpg
The façade had a classical feel that was enlivened by the checkerboard pattern formed by the opened or closed position of the windows’ curtains. Ariana Park and the Palace of Nations, the former headquarters of the League of Nations that became the…

Geneva_Hotel_Bar & Lounge Area 001.jpg
Les Palmiers Lounge: a space for nightcaps decorated with brown wood wall panels and strip carpet, with lamps designed by Neal Prince.

Architecture by by Georges Addor and Domenica Julliard.

Interiors designed by Neal Prince.

The merry-go-round motif found in the hotel's Carnival Bar and Lounge continues in the Café Le Voltaire where the combination of burgundies, roses, and soft whites in the canopy’s draping, the chairs’ upholstery, the tablecloths, and curtains…

For Les Continents Restaurant, where diners could feast on their choice of Tahitian boula boula, Chilean crevettes à la diable, and a wealth of other creations both exotic and familiar, Prince created room dividers with murals featuring each of the…

In the Carnival Bar and Lounge, Prince came up with the motif of the merry-go-round because it reminded him of the way that Geneva “picked up different cultures, different people…”

Architecture by by Georges Addor and Domenica…

Wall panel from the 2013 New York School of Interior Design exhibit "Designing the Luxury Hotel: Neal Prince and the Inter-Continental Brand."

The Intercontinental Genève, opened in 1964, and followed the mid-century architectural model of a…
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